• Welcome to HDS

    Our focus is to satisfy the needs of our customers

  • Welcome to HDS

    Our focus is to satisfy the needs of our customers

  • Welcome to HDS

    Our focus is to satisfy the needs of our customers


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We have a great network of professional in all areas


We provide the best products in the market to our costumers


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Osteopathy is the therapeutic technique that uses manipulation of the musculoskeletal system to eliminate mobility problems, reducing discomfort and promoting flexibility and balance of the body.


Reiki is a practice that is based on the belief in the existence of universal life energy "Chi" manipulable through the laying on of hands. Through this technique, practitioners believe that it is possible to channel universal energy in order to restore the natural balance, not only spiritual, but also emotional and physical.

Therapeutic massage

The therapeutic massage consists of manual massage techniques for soft tissues (muscles and tendons), pressure techniques in the respective acupuncture points according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and manipulations of musculoskeletal and ligament realignment.


Unlike basic foot massage and body massage, reflexology is a specific technique of pressure that acts on the reflex points of the feet and hands on the basis that these reflex areas correspond to all the different parts of the body. The pressure is applied to the reflex areas with the fingers and using specific techniques causing physiological changes in the body, stimulating the healing potential of the body.

Sports Massage

Unlike a massage for relaxation, sports massage is a great tool to prepare and recover the muscles and to increase the yield considerably.